Expedition #1

The Library a Jungle


Expedition #2

The Life and Times of A. Palulu


Expedition #3

Deep Things out of Darkness


Expedition #4

The Order Of Things


Expedition #5

A Passion for Systems


Expedition #6

A Man of Misconceptions


Expedition #7

Encyclopedia of Exploration

Glubbdubdrib is delighted to invite you to our second expedition, ‘The Life and Times of A. Palulu’, which will take place in the Artis Library on June 29th, from 17.00 until 19.00 hours.


What do we know about the Ampuku Palulu? And what can he teach us? For her breathtaking Surinaams Insectenboek dating from 1705, German artist and entomologist Maria Sibylla Merian worked on a plantation in the interior of Suriname. This remarkable scientist, who for a while lived in Amsterdam, was the first researcher to sketch insects together with the plants that they feed on. In her drawings she demonstrated that insects did not evolve from clay, and she reconstructed the remarkable metamorphism of caterpillars. This influential book could not have been realized without using the extensive knowledge of local Indians and African slaves. On our second expedition we will examine, under the guidance of ethnobotanist Tinde van Andel, what the Surinamese plant world can teach us today about our Surinamese and colonial memory, history and culture. How did knowledge of Surinamese plants evolve in the past? How were plants recognized, and how was the knowledge thereof disseminated? Are the medicinal and ritual properties of the plants from Merian’s time still known today? Sabrina Lisse Venetiaan and Jurman Blackson from Jursu Kultura will show us some dried plants from Suriname and tell us about their uses. Artist Lotte Geeven (1980) will take us on a journey in search of the source images of Merian’s Surinaams Insectenboek. During this evening she will unfold a speculative history of true magic and morphing images over time.


Location: Artis Library, Plantage Middenlaan 45


Tickets: Sign up by sending an email to: (Limited seats available)


Admission: Free (special edition in collaboration with Vereniging Ons Suriname and New Urban Collective)


Afterwards New Urban Collective invites us to join the book presentation of Prof. Dr. Gloria Wekker's new publication: White Innocence.




(Image: The Unfixed Image, Lotte Geeven, Botopasi, Suriname, 2016.)